Top 5 Motivational Answers on Quora by Kahani Happens Author

Motivation on Quora

Quora is a great meeting place for three types of people… those that genuinely require an answer to a question, those that genuinely want to reach out to as many people with their insights, and then they are the others.

These answers shift between all three categories. However, there is a clear takeaway from each of them. Here goes…

 (As answered by Faiz Shaikh)


What are the most common life mistakes young people make?

The most common mistake would be the regret of making a mistake. Young people, and even some senior executives, are afraid of making mistakes. Such things really hold you down.

There is a saying in Urdu which translates to “They are the might knights who fall in battle… how would someone who crawls ever fall?”.

The essence is that to succeed in life you have to be brave and fearless. You might fail, but even that is a virtue of the brave. Simple avoiding all mistakes might help you avoid failure too but is it worth the loss of experience?


How can I be happy when I am ignored by everybody?

Everyone lives in their own cocoon. Greatness has its gestation period. Take time to explore your mind and your abilities. And when you find what you want to do, something that makes YOU happy, just do it. You will realise you won’t care that anyone ignores you.

Don’t spend your hours thinking about people who just spend minutes creating a wrong opinion about you.


What, according to you, is the easiest thing to do?

The easiest thing to do in the world… is what you really want to do. We set up fictional barriers to stop from doing the same and call them circumstances. We create circumstances and not the other way round. We use these barriers because we fear that would fail in the very thing we always wanted to do. We feel regret might be a bigger pain than circumstantial barriers.

The thing is… there are no barriers… or failure. When you do what you want to do, the act of doing it is the win. And not doing it is the failure. Hence, he easiest thing to do is whatever you want to do. Stop complaining and just do it.


What or who motivated you to reach your current position?

My legacy motivated me. We write our own legacy as we live it. I knew what I want my legacy to be and I decided to make it. This may sound cliché but just imagine yourself five years older and looking back to yourself now. Would you be satisfied five years later with what you are now? Whatever your answer is… use that to move your life ahead.


What is the most important thing in our life we should be worried about?

Always be concerned about how you see yourself.

We are individuals and meant to be just that… individuals. Our identities are not a sum of random public perceptions. Your identity should be derived by your sense of purpose. Always look at yourself in terms of what you were, what you are, and what you want to be. That’s all. Assess your worth and happiness yourself. Never give anyone the right to do it for you.



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