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Kahani Happens

Kahani happens is a collection of short stories available for purchase online. The author has taken instances and experiences from the world to create a set of feelings that would stay with long after you set the book down.


Everyone has a kahani, a story, to tell. Some are shared, others hidden away. But each kahani bears an infallible light to our soul.

Every moment in our lives sparks off a different kahani affecting those around us. Our life gets inter-twined with others and they become part of our kahani… and we become part of theirs… everyone has one… kahani does happen…

Kahani happens will take you on a journey through lives of people you never knew but won’t easily forget hereafter…

About the Author

Faiz Shaikh has been in marketing, advertising, and content writing ever since his MBA. He is casually known as Danish amongst his family and friends. Danish has always been interested in stories ever since he was young. He was often teased of being a day dreamer. Now he uses his penchant to whisk off to his own world to come up with intriguing short stories.


You can purchase the book from these sources.

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