Kahani is another word for a story… the title declares that ‘kahani’ happens, but does it?

Look around your world. The world that you have so painstakingly created for your own convenience. Everything in your small world has a story in itself. Your pen has its own story, when you bought it, why you bought it, the first thing you wrote with it, the first time you signed your name with it, the first thought it helped you convey… Everything has a story, everything has a kahani. You just have to clear your thoughts. All these little intermingle to create direction in your overall kahani.

When you tell your story, you have to look at these intermingling elements to create substance and depth in your work. Anyone can write, the same as anyone can dance or sing, you just have to catch the rhythm. The moment you get in touch with your own writing style, you will crack your potential. And after a point, your thoughts would flow seamlessly through your words.

If you, at this point, are contemplating where you stand as a writer, think no further. You are a born writer. You have unique thoughts and ideas that only you can profess to the world. You have it in you, just tap in to your mind to find your answers. You just have to sculpt your thoughts through words to make it appealing, and that is not a tall task, because you have all the tools.

It is my intention, through these little conversations, to share my insight into writing as an art form. You may learn from this, but that is irrelevant. My motive is to make you think, and learn from yourself.

Image in post by George Hodan, licensed under public domain.


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